Remi(X) Demo
Alpha Ver 0.6

Hello there! Click the labeled circles to start making your remix.

To mute an instrument: Click until the empty circle is in the center.

Hit keys 1 through 0 on your keypad to play along.

In the default mode (3 x 10) there are 1000 possible variations of the song.
The 5 x 10 version used in the game featured 100,000 variations.

A 16 x 20 version would have 1.20892582 x 1024 variations. That's roughly four times the estimated number of stars in the universe, gotta love exponential growth.

Music written by C. Coniglio, E. Fullmore, & D. Price for the 2011 Maker's Faire Editor's Choice Award winning 180° video game, Slipstream.

This web sketch was written as a demo for the Starbound Remi(x) App by CopperWire. If you haven't had a chance to yet, you should check out the